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Emergency School Closing Policy from pages 22-23 of the MSM Parent Handbook 2014 - 2015

MSM DOES NOT follow Fairfax or Arlington County Public Schools on whether or not to delay or close school due to inclement weather. The decision to close the school or open late is made, of necessity, by 6:00 a.m. based upon the best available reports of road conditions and weather forecasts at that time. Even if the weather improves or clears later in the day, the decision must be made by 6:00 a.m. In making this decision, our primary concern is the safety of the children.

In case of inclement weather, such as snow, school will either:

1. Close for the day.

2. Open one hour late with all of the children attending.

3. Open two hours late with only full day (5 year olds and older plus children enrolled in the Extended Day) children attending with the understanding that if the weather conditions worsen, a later decision may be made to close for the day.

4.  Should the weather change during the school day and it is determined that an early release is necessary, we will notify you by email, website, and facebook updates.

Parents will be informed of closures and delays by these methods:


Main Methods: Announcements will be made on Fox 5 News and the school’s Facebook page. To help you with the Facebook notification, please “like” us on facebook .

Secondary Methods: Provided there is no power outage, a message will be on the school answering machine, it will be posted on our website, www.mcleanmontessori.org or you may receive an e-mail from the school office. We will make every effort to notify you by all methods, but do not presume that there is no change if you do not receive an email. Please confirm with one of the Main Methods listed above.

Thank you for your interest in the Montessori School of McLean.  Our school provides an enriching Montessori environment for children aged 24 months through 12 years.  We look forward to sharing our unique program with you and working together to provide an optimal educational experience for your children. 

Our Primary School program is Monday through Friday mornings, 8:45am until 11:45am.  A student becomes eligible to stay for the full-day Montessori program until 3:30pm on his or her fifth birthday.

  • Extended Day (until 3:30pm) for 2 through 4 year-olds
  • Aftercare (until 5:30pm) for 2 through 6 year-olds
  • Optional after-school activities (until 4:30pm) for 5 through 12 year-olds

Our Application Deadline was February 14, 2015.  All applications received after February 14 will be considered for the wait-pool.  Applicants  who completed the process prior to the deadline have until March 15 to enroll. Any remaining spots after March 15 will be filled from the wait-pool.

Pre-Primary (toddler) ages 24 to 36 months: *FULL* All applications received after February 14 will be considered for the wait-pool until March 15, 2015 when those offered spaces will be enrolled and we are able to start offering spots from the wait-pool.

Pre-Primary (toddler) wait-pool 

  • We will post on our website after April 1 if we will be hosting a toddler tour for any openings that might remain after the intial admisisons process is complete.

Primary ages 2.9 years and potty-trained through age 6: *FULL*

  • We will post on our website after April 1 if we will be hosting a Primary  tour for any openings that might remain after the intial admisisons process is complete.
  • If we do hold a Primary tour (ages 2.9 months and potty-trained through age kindergarten), it will be on Monday morning, April 13, 2015 between 9:00 and 10:45am.
Lower and Upper Elementary ages 6 - 12 years: *FULL*
  • We will post on our website later in the spring if we will be accepting any more application for the Lower or Upper Elementary waitpools.

Please contact the Director of Admissions, Leslie Montague, at lmontague@mcleanmontessori.org with questions.

AMS logo

The Montessori School of McLean is accredited by both the American Montessori Society (AMS) and AdvancED/Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

MSM has been fully accredited by AMS since 1995, and is the only not-for-profit accredited Montessori school in Northern Virginia.  As an accredited school, it strives to maintain an authentic Montessori environment for children aged 24 months through 12 years. On July 19, 2012, we received our most recent reaccreditation from AMS.

Link to Health Forms

Click on the following links to view the REQUIRED FORMS for MSM.

Required for Attendance

Virginia State Medical form.pdf [must be updated every two years]

Emergency Care Form 2012-2013.pdf [must be completed by the start of each school year]

Required as Needed

Food Allergy Action Plan.pdf  [required if a child has allergies to food.]

Medication Administration Form.pdf  [required if a child needs medication during school. One form is required per medication. For children under five, each form must be updated every six months.]


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Want to save time—and a stamp? Next time tuition and/or fees are due, you can skip the stamp-and-envelope routine by choosing to pay online through the Intuit PaymentNetwork. Top three benefits to paying the MSM invoices this way:

- You’ll save time.

- You’ll save money—keep your stamps and skip that trip to the post office.

- Easy and free for you to use. Always.

Here’s how it works:  

  • click on the link that says "Pay by IPN.”  
  • enter your banking information and the amount .

Every transaction is confidential and your privacy is protected by Intuit. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the MSM bookkeeper, Wasim Malik  at 703-790-1049 x 13 or wmalik@mcleanmontessori.org 

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