Research shows that reading books is the most important way to encourage literacy.  Reading opens doors for children, and it's just plain fun!  Pre-readers should look at books and be read to daily, and emergent and fluent readers should have at least 20-30 minutes of free reading time daily.  Older children still enjoy being read to, and listening to a fluent reader helps the child "hear" how reading sounds.

MSM has a fully automated library containing approximately four thousand titles with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction in various age levels.  Students 5 years and older come to the library once a week to check-out books; older 4 year olds visit the library for story time.  Elementary students learn research skills and use the library to research information for a classroom lesson or project.  The library cultivates an appreciation for books and reading, promotes literacy, and supports classwork.

Parents of younger students are welcome to visit the library with their child.

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