Calesse Cardosi

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Ms. Calesse
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Lower Elementary Teacher
Ms. McCusker's and Ms. Cardosi's Class


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Ms. Cardosi has been a Montessori Lower Elementary teacher for 2 years at MSM. She holds a degree in Montessori Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish from Xavier University, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Education, Reading Specialist, at George Mason University. She enjoys running, biking, swimming, watching movies, cooking and reading. Her personal philosophy: "Education is about meeting the child where they are and moving them forward, using whatever methods work best for each individual child. Learning should be fun, engaging, challenging, innately motivating, and satisfying for all students. Learning is also a lifelong endeavor. I learn something new every day in my classroom, in my studies, and in my interactions with others. I hope to inspire our students to be lifelong lovers of learning as well. I love that Montessori is so individualized and allows students to learn in a way that works best for them. We do not all have to move lock and step together as one unit, even though some children need more time to learn certain concepts. We do not have to rush students along through a curriculum. Instead, we get to walk alongside them in their educational journey at their pace. Montessori also has amazing hands-on concrete materials to teach abstract concepts so students can really engage their hands with their learning. I also love Montessori's cosmic educational philosophy and peace education component. We are educating the whole child, not just the children's brains."