Dress Code

Toddler and Primary

Children in these programs need to be able to move freely and safely in the classroom and on the playground, and they should wear clothing that allows them to be self-sufficient in the restroom.  They should wear comfortable clothing that parents do not mind getting dirty, and shoes that allow them to run and climb.  Children should not wear costumes (super hero or princess type dresses), and clothing should be free of cartoon characters.


Elementary students wear uniforms in an effort to minimize fashion competition, and to present a neat appearance.  Uniforms are purchased at Lands' End.  To see the approved clothing styles, please go to the Lands' End website click here

Then, click on "Shop By School" and enter MSM's Preferred School number 9000-7368-5 to see our approved dress code items.

MSM School Concerts

Students are normally required to wear a white shirt or blouse and black pants or skirt.  Black shoes or dress shoes are preferred for these events.  Some concerts and plays have costumes, and parents are notified accordingly.


Land's End



Preferred School Number: 900073685

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