Tuition Schedule 2018-2019

 You may select individualized payment plans on your FACTS Account 


Date Due:(Sep. 1)(Sep. 1, Feb. 1)(Sep. 1, Nov. 1,    (Sept. 1 -

 Feb. 1, April 1)   May 1)
Pre-Primary 24-36 mo (8:45-11:45)$15,760$7,890$3,950$1,761
2nd child *

Primary 3-6 yrs (8:45am-11:45am) $14,400$7,210$3,610$1,610
2nd child *
Primary students are eligible to stay in the Montessori classroom until 3:30pm in the year they turn 5
Primary (8:45am-3:30pm)$17,250$8,635$4,323$1,927
2nd child **

Elementary 6-12 yrs (Lower & Upper) $18,650$9,335$4,673$2,082
2nd child **
Lower Elementary Activity Fee$270        Per student due with September tuition payment

Upper Elementary Activity Fee$540        Per student due with September tuition payment

The Extended Day and Aftercare Programs are open to all Toddler and Primary Students
Extended Day 2-4 Year Olds $3,100$1,550$775$344
      (11:45am - 3:30pm)

Aftercare 2-6 Year Olds$2,050$1,025$513$228
       (3:30pm - 5:30pm)

CUMC aftercare transition students(11:45am - 12:30pm)$130 per month


* 10% tuition discount given to the younger sibling in Pre-Primary and Half-day Primary from the same family who attends.
** 15% tuition discount given to the younger sibling in Kindergarten or Elementary from the same family who attend.
It does not apply to Extended Day, Aftercare, or any other fees.  Extended family members are not eligible for discounts.

New Students: a deposit of one month's tuition is due upon signing and returning the Enrollment Contract.
Returning Students: a tuition advance equal to one month's tuition is due upon signing of the Enrollment Contract.
Round Trip
2nd child ***
2nd child ***
Guest rider, riding to a bus rider's home: $10.00/trip

Transportation discounts: 20% younger siblings, 20% within 2-miles, 10% within 2-4-miles.  Greater Detail see below.
Application FeeDue with the Application when first applying to MSM   (non-refundable)$125
Materials FeeDue for all students in September of each school year.$350
PA Activity FeeDue in September of each school year for each family.$160
Form FeeApplies to each recommendation request for another school. $30

Graduating 6th Graders receive first 2-forms Free.

Late FeeCharged per month for any fees outstanding more than 4 days.$50
Returned CheckFee to cover bank charges if your check is returned to us by the bank.$30

Bus Fee Details    
Round TripAnnualSemesterQuarterlyMonthly
4-5 Miles$2,678$1,344$675$303
2nd child *$2,142$1,076$541$243
2-4 Miles$2,410$1,210$608$273
2nd child *$1,928$969$487$219
1-2 mile$2,142$1,076$541$243
2nd child *$1,714$862$433$195

4-5 Miles$2,266$1,138$572$257
2nd child *$2,039$1,025$515$232
2-4 Miles$2,039$1,025$515$232
2nd child *$1,631$821$413$186
1-2 mile$1,813$911$458$206
2nd child *$1,450$730$368$166

Distances are calculated by the School and determined by the efficiency of the entire route.

Requests for bus service will be considered based on the location of the existing bus routes.
Every effort is made to ensure all requests can be met, however, some requests may not be possible 
due to location and the need to ensure all routes arrive to school in a timely manner.

Revised 1/28/18