At MSM, we provide a bright, relaxed atmosphere for art class, where students can freely express themselves through their art projects.  We want students to feel comfortable with their art work, and enjoy the creation of art!

The Montessori Art program fosters creativity and a sense of personal discovery in all students. The continuous physical contact and coordination with materials improve as each child develops specific skills in key areas of art. MSM Art emphasizes what is most important to budding artists: line, shape, value, texture, perspective, construction, color theory, and culture. All of the classroom projects use high-quality materials of various media including charcoal and colored pencils, watercolor, tempera and acrylic paint, printing ink, collage, oil and chalk pastels, papier mache, and more. Students also study and emulate various artists from around the world, and various cultural art styles.  Each particular project considers the child's age level and ability to use the materials needed to complete it.

Art classes are offered in the Art Studio to 5-12 year old students. (Toddler and Primary classes have Art in the classrooms.)  Student-created art is displayed year-round in the school.  Kindergarten and Elementary students participate in field trips to art collections throughout the Washington, D.C. area and in MSM art shows posted throughout the school.  For many years, MSM student art work has been displayed at the annual McLean Project for the Arts event at the McLean Community Center.