The school library plays an indispensable role in our school community—serving as a welcoming space and an essential resource for students, teachers, staff, and parents.  In addition to learning library and research skills, the library program encourages students to think independently and critically, participate in group discussions, and of course—read! 

The MSM Library is open from 8:15AM-3:30PM.  In addition to weekly grade-specific library visits, students may visit the library throughout the school day.  The librarian seeks to instill a love of literature, learning, and curiosity through the use of: projects, games, special reading programs, reading books aloud, book-talks, and storytelling. 

Every week, the librarian reads to the toddler classes in the toddler classroom.  Four and five-year-old children in Primary visit the library each week for afternoon story-time.  During the kindergarten year of Primary, students visit the library for beginning library instruction, story-time, and to check-out books.  The Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary library programs build upon previously introduced library skills, culminating with the acquisition of research skills necessary to find, evaluate, and communicate information.  Students in Lower and Upper Elementary also visit the library to locate appropriate resources for class projects and select books for recreational reading.

The librarian collaborates with teachers to ensure that library materials match the needs of the students, as well as enhance classroom learning and exploration.