Fall Planning 2020


We are very pleased to have many of our students back in school, both in-person and virtually. We devised a plan to have as many of our students in school as possible, and to provide distance learning for students whose families need it. Our multi-talented and creative faculty and staff are providing our students with the Montessori experience in the safest environment possible, and our distance learners are enjoying a Montessori experience temporarily from home.

The Fall Return to Campus (RTC) Committee planned for multiple possible eventualities to comply with potential government mandates. The Committee and its subcommittees consist of faculty and administrative staff at all program levels. Our guiding mission is the safety of faculty, staff, and students while continuing to provide the exceptional quality of the Montessori School of McLean education. 

Subcommittees continually analyze guidance and requirements from multiple agencies including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Virginia Department of Health, and gather advice from the American Montessori Society and Independent School Management to continue to inform decisions to ensure that MSM is in a strong position to manage fall reopening complexities. Using the lens of safely returning to campus, the RTC subcommittees conducted a comprehensive audit of MSM to address areas such as: Health, Safety, and Wellness; Operations and Logistics;  Regulations and Guidance; and of course, Fidelity to the Montessori Method.

Please remember that even with the most comprehensive and airtight plan, schools need to remain flexible to be able to pivot seamlessly from one learning module to another as health data and state mandates require. Also, be aware that no matter how many layers of protection we put into place, we cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that someone will not contract the coronavirus. However, MSM will go above and beyond to create the safest possible learning environment for all.