The Martlet


The Martlet is MSM's tri-annual publication. “Just what is a Martlet?” you ask.  A Martlet is a very special bird; a mythical bird that has no legs and feet.  “How strange,” you say.  It has no legs and feet because it does not ever land, as it is in endless flight in pursuit of knowledge and learning.  We love this image of our students as Martlets in flight, as we cultivate their unique ability to flourish in mind, body, and spirit!  We also like connecting the Martlet with our new logo, the peace dove.  You may not know that our logo is designed to represent Montessori’s ideals of peace and learning taking flight, and the colors represent Montessori materials.

We are very pleased to share this publication with you.  We will be painting a vivid picture of daily life at MSM, and strengthening our community connections.  Please enjoy!

Meredith Le Grand, M.Ed, and Thomas Le Grand, Co-Heads of School


Issue 14 - June 2021

This is the most recent issue.

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